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Service Highlights


• Get set for a great browsing experience. Enjoy similar upload & download speed on    our optical fibre & WIRELESS Ethernet based technology.
• No worries about securing your PC because your PC is virus protected.
• To help your PC perform better and improve your internet experience, our unique    desktop assistance will do the trick! It also assists you with a host of other    features.
• No worries about shocking bills every month. You can control your monthly   expenditure by opting for our pre-paid plans. Pay as much as you use.


Internet access ports capacity ranging from 64 Kbps, through multiples of E1s till multiples of STMs.

Multiple last mile options through strategically aligned partnership with the last mile service providers.

State of the art multi-redundant Infrastructure to support different type of needs and client base.

Dedicated infrastructure for high-usage clients & service providers.

Highly secured architecture with Firewall, IDS, IPS, Content filtering etc.

Strategic partnership with network & security vendors.

24 hour network & security monitoring.

Both centralized & de-centralized telephonic supports.

Guaranteed bandwidth for critical business usage.

Nijash Broadband has joined hands with Service Providers having International Gateway Access to offer internet services to the Home Segment as well as the Corporate Segment. We shall provide the entire technical & back end support. The Network through which the entire system runs is an Underground Infrastructure. This under ground network shall help me client in having uninterrupted services from our end.